Carbon black N330 is an extremely useful material and is thus bought and sold in large amounts all over the world. It has uses in dyeing, reinforcing things and even heat absorption. The material is produced when heavy petroleum products are not completely burnt up. The most common use for which it is bought and sold is to use to give color to things. It makes a great dark pigment and is used to make many popular materials darker. If you have used dark color inks or paint or even plastic then it is highly probably that Carbon black N330 was used to give the dark or black color. It also works as a great heat insulator and it can even absorb radar rays. Which means it is also used for stealth purposes. There were some concerns about it being dangerous to the health of people but it is only dangerous when inhaled. Since it is not used in any place where it would be inhaled we do not have to worry about the health effects of Carbon black. You can find some great sellers of this material on the internet and you can also read up some books and internet articles which will show you how useful this material really is for people.

N330 is used as one of the reliable Coating Auxiliary Agent, it helps in the electrolytic rod manufacturing as the electrolytic properties of N330 are quite higher and more beneficial than any other alternatives available. N330 is also used in industries dealing and focusing on Electronics manufacturing, Chemicals production ,and in the manufacturing of leather as well.Pigment Carbon Black

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