Carbon black is an engineered compound made  from a coal-based feedstock derived from coke making and known as anthracene oil.

Anthracene oil is heated in a specially designed furnace, to produce a gas stream laden with carbon black powder. The gas stream passes through a series of filters, where the carbon black is separated from the gases. The carbon black powder then is bound with water to create larger beads or granules, which are passed through a dryer and packaged for delivery to customers in every part of the world.

Carbon Black is an essential ingredient in tyres and other mechanical rubber products, improving their strength, durability and overall performance. It also is used as a pigment in printing inks, paints and plastics.

Main Markets for Carbon Black produced for are:

1.Tyre Industry – supplier to major World producers of vehicle tyres

2.Rubber Industrial Products – includes manufacturers of beltings, footwear soles, electrical cables, coatings etc.

3.Polygraphic Products – particularly in newspaper inks and other special printing inks.

4. Plastics – used as a base pigment in master batches.

XINYUAN CHEMICAL Carbon Black mainly has Carbon Black N330,N219,N220,N234,N326,N339,N375,N550,N660,N774 and Pigment Carbon Black

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