Pigment Blacks are important industrial raw materials, widely used in plastics, printing inks and coatings.  Beyond colorization and tinting, these high-tech pigments can improve formulation and processing, and impart important properties such as UV resistance to help extend product life.
Printing Systems
The most important features of Carbon Black Pigments are the size of the pigment primary particles and the structure of the aggregates. These parameters define the colorimetric properties such as undertone, optical density, gloss and also the rheological effect of the Carbon Black Pigments and their dispersibility in binders.

An additionally important property of the Carbon Black Pigment is the nature of the pigment surface, which depends on the production and after treatment process.  This surface chemistry is important for the wettability of the carbon black by the binder, and in this way also influences properties such as ink rheology and gloss.
Furthermore the choice of the right Carbon Black Pigment is largely determined by the print technology and its special demands on printing ink properties, such as color development, dispersing technology, binder system, rheology, film thickness, matting or optical density.
Coating Systems
Carbon Black Pigments are used in paints and coatings for mass tone coloration, tinting of white and colored coatings, including decorative paints, and for transparent coloration.
For mass tone coloration of solvent-borne coatings, the use of fine particle sized oxidized gas blacks (HCG (o) / MCG (o)) and oxidized furnace blacks (HCF) are preferred. Untreated fine particle sized gas and furnace blacks (HCG/HCF) are  also used in water-borne coatings, for reasons of pH stability.Carbon black n330
Polymer Systems
Carbon Black Pigments in the Polymer Industry are used for obtaining a deep jet black color and absorb detrimental UV light and convert it into heat. This makes plastics such as polyoelfines and polyethylene more resistant to UV radiation. A clear correlation between primary particle size and UV protection can be observed: The finer the particle size, the better the ultraviolet light absorption.  UV protection is important for extending the life of exterior coatings, adhesives and sealants, plastic pipe, and other products exposed to the sun.
Anti-static treatment is also an important application area e.g. in the field of compounds for power cables. In the Plastic Industry Carbon Black Pigments are used to pigment synthetic fibres.

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