Carbon black is used in various formulations with different rubber types to customize the performance properties of tires. Engineers combine different tread and carcass grades of carbon black to optimize such properties as handling, treadwear, fuel mileage, hysteresis and abrasion resistance for the ever changing needs of today’s drivers.
Grades & Applications
N120 Excellent performance in wide range of tread compounds from passenger to truck tires.
N234 Truck and high performance tread compound. Premium precure tread compounds.
N326 Industry choice for steel belt skims, and motor mounts. Good resistance to cut and tear, and used in OTR compounds.
Carbon Black N330  Good wear properties and processing. Used in passenger through truck tires.
N339 Premium passenger tire tread compound. Motor mounts, solid tires, and conveyor belts.
N351 Economical high structure black low hysteresis, passenger tire treads..
N550 Carcass and innerliner carbon black.
N650 Carcass and innerliner carbon black.
N660 Industry standard carcass / innerliner compound black.

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