Zaozhuang Xinyuan Chemical -Carbon Black consists of carbon. Today the most common method for producing Carbon Black is the Furnace Black Process. A liquid hydrocarbon feedstock is injected into a flame, which is generated by the combustion of a gaseous or liquid fuel in combination with preheated air. Under these conditions the feedstock decomposes and Carbon Black particles are formed. After separation of the process gas/Carbon Black mixture in filter systems the Carbon Black powder is pelletized in order to improve handling properties..

Carbon Blacks can be divided in:

Hard Blacks (synonyms: tread grade, reinforcing carbon black): a type of furnace carbon black having an average nitrogen surface area of 70 m²/g or greater.
Soft Blacks (synonyms: carcass grade, semi-reinforcing carbon black): a type of furnace carbon black having a nitrogen surface area in the range of 21 to 69 m²/g.
Thermal Blacks: produced under controlled conditions by the thermal decomposition of hydrocarbons in the absence of air or flames.

Carbon Black N330,Carbon Black N339

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