Market analysts said recently, from a cost point of view , the domestic coal tar, carbon black has significant advantages , carbon export huge. From the laws of history , the international oil prices will significantly push up export prices and export volumes of carbon black pigment . Short term, high international oil prices push Iran very likely to lead to the production of carbon black vinyl tar foreign companies lose the cost advantage , the international carbon market, the recent price increases will be a high probability event ; tar will remain weak in the first half domestic producers of carbon black in a dominant economic up-cycle , it is expected to show the amount of domestic carbon price go up trend.
  Currently, the domestic carbon black industry, there is no structural overcapacity and structural shortage . Benefit from substantial growth in domestic exports of carbon black , carbon black next two domestic enterprises operating rate will increase steadily . Some advantages of enterprises through research and development is expected to improve quality, reduce costs , and improve product competitiveness and profitability, and achieve volume and price go . Specific reasons are as follows :
  1 ) an increase in the instability of the situation in Iran , the international oil prices remain high in the context of domestic carbon black is expected to appear volume and price situation. Data analysis showed that: domestic carbon prices in international oil prices , but always lags behind the price of oil ; export price and the domestic carbon black trend of international crude oil prices highly correlated ; Chinese export volume of carbon black correlation with the international oil prices higher export volume of carbon black along with the rise in international oil prices continue to hit new highs.
  2 ) coal tar method has a significant cost advantage. Estimates show that the production of ethylene tar carbon black production costs than coal tar France average of 1600 yuan / ton ( minimum of 854 yuan / ton ) . The domestic production of coal tar based method of carbon black , carbon black production abroad, mainly ethylene tar France .
  3 ) High oil prices make overseas carbon black production costs increased significantly , the recent price increases of carbon black is a high probability event . Such as Colombia Chemical Company has announced that from April 1 onwards, all black product prices will rise, price rises of up to 14%. Therefore, the carbon black business is bound to stimulate domestic price , which for the development of domestic enterprises provide a huge imagination.
  4 ) the demand for carbon black is still vast room(carbon black n330) . In 2012 the total world demand for carbon black at 1100 tons. 2012 Chinese demand should be 3.85 million tons of carbon black upper and lower than in 2011 an increase of 68 million tons, growth of 21%. Which can be roughly inferred that from 2011 to 2015 domestic production of carbon black compound growth rate should be around 11% in 2015 is expected to reach 5.4 million tons .
  5 ) Trade Analysis . Global carbon black industry oligopolistic supply situation , capacity to gradually transfer to China. Compared to the global and domestic industry concentration has potential to improve . Over the past decade , the growth rate of apparent consumption of carbon black with GDP growth considerably .Pigment carbon black

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