Colour black : in inks, paints , coatings and other products as a coloring pigment carbon black used . Press the color intensity ( or darkness ) and the particle size is generally divided into high pigmentcarbon black , carbon black pigment , normal and low carbon black pigment carbon black pigment of four. Mainly by the contact method and oil furnace production .
1 ) Several typical parameters of carbon black
Blackness (reflectance ) - black - usually " reflectance meter " to indicate the data measured , in most cases, also reflects the primary particle size of the carbon black pigment , is a measure of the market price of the carbon black one of the important parameters . The lower the reflectance , the higher the carbon black particle size is smaller. And vice versa.
Volatile - carbon black surface carrying amount of oxygen-containing groups , reflecting the physical properties of the surface of the carbon black , electrochemical properties and application performance , but also to measure the black market price of the important parameters .
Structure - carbon structure is a carbon black particles form aggregates characterize the degree of chain branches value, which indicates the degree of voids within the carbon black . Usually oil absorption (DBP absorption value).
2 ) Carbon black dispersion significance
Pigments in the application process must comply with the optical properties of dispersed particles state , black is the most difficult of all the pigment dispersion of a pigment , so the carbon black dispersion will directly affect the quality of carbon black , Hue and the ability to cover a direct impact on the end user 's use of effects.
Carbon black dispersion process is mainly affected by three factors
a) the nature of the carbon black features: carbon black primary particle size , structure and surface various groups will have a huge impact on the dispersion . Typically, the primary particle size of carbon black small, the structure is low, low volatile difficult to disperse , and vice versa are relatively easy.Carbon black n330
b) User recipe : Carbon black formulations user , the base material , the solvent and the resin properties are very significant impact on the final dispersion of the carbon black , particularly the choice of carbon black with a resin .
c) dispersing device : the type of dispersing apparatus under the same conditions, the dispersion effect is completely different . Correct selection of dispersing equipment is the user must pay attention to .
3 ) Select the basic idea of the carbon black
Before the first user in the choice of carbon black to consider is : Do you want to use carbon black to achieve what are the requirements ? Color , color , UV still plays the role of conductor . The most important is that we must and carbon black professional and technical engineers to communicate, conduct joint technical evaluation of the material system , choose the more appropriate black varieties. Is usually the case :
Coloring - choose black high, small particle size of the carbon black , carbon black , but we must ensure that after a reasonable , fully distributed , otherwise it will run counter to reach the original requirement.Pigment Carbon Black
Color use - Select blackness low size , easy to disperse carbon black .
UV use - mainly used in the plastics and rubber , choose medium size , slightly higher structure carbon black , and their optimum UV resistance

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