Conductive carbon black: domestic plastic anti-static / conductive products demand growth, the packaging of electronic products need, more varieties of plastic products, anti-static / conductive products, specialattention, it is one of the goals of plastic packaging industryto pursue. Using domestic materials, suitable for R & Dplastic conductive / anti-static products, masterbatch,replace the same product import prices high, the packaging of electronic products and anti-static packaging productsmore suited to market demand. Common products such as: plastic conductive / anti static gas, liquid pipe; electronic products with low resistance plastic packaging trays,conductive / anti-static plastic plate, sheet, foam,conductive film.Pigment Carbon Black
  Common 6-8 square ohm anti-static plastic packaging generally require 10 or more, can be any color, and the resistivity in the 6 of 10 the following, more use ofconductive carbon black as the main conductive material,so more black, the following methods briefly the use of conductive carbon black and conductive plastic or plastic blends made conductive masterbatch the.

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