Micron grinder: As a reaction type grinder, carbon black micron grinder adopts a set of high-speed hammers and fixed reaction plates to realize repeated impact on materials quickly. Tail-wagging airflow inside the grinder and radial backflow formed through special flute profile of reaction plate impact to hit against materials for ultra-fine grinding gets achieved. The product could be used for ultra-fine grinding of other materials such as titanium pigments.Pigment Carbon black
  Magnetic separator: Special carbon black production equipment used to remove magnetic impurities (iron and ferric oxide) in carbon black; also, the product could remove impurities (iron and ferric oxide).
  Dry (wet) granulator: Special equipment for dry (wet) granulation of carbon black
Rotary dryer: Special equipment for granule drying after granulation of carbon black n330
  Fuel (raw oil) preheater: Carbon black smoke enters the shell through smoke inlets and then realizes heat exchanges with raw material oil inside heat exchange tube. Here, the heat from dark pyrographite smoke is used to increase the raw oil temperature. The product could be used for gas-to-gas heat exchange.
  Hoister: Main equipment for products' vertical transportation
  Also, special equipment, such as pulse bag filter, high temperature air pre-heater, spiral conveyer, stainless steel blower and cyclone separator, get produced for such fields as carbon black, white carbon black, metallurgy, titanium pigment and environmental protections.
Carbon Black Pigment

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