» ?nbsp;About Rubber Black
» ?nbsp;Electronic Equipment Related Material
» ?nbsp;Electric Conductive Agent--Carbon Black Pigment
» ?nbsp;Resin and Film Coloring Agents
» ?nbsp;Printing Inks Applications
» ?nbsp;Can we use Pigment Carbon Blacks in UV-curing systems
» ?nbsp;What is the difference between Carbon Black and Pigment-Carbon-Black?
» ?nbsp;Carbon Black Pigment used in Coloring Agent for Ink and Paints
» ?nbsp;Pigment carbon black used in waterborne coatings
» ?nbsp;Dispersion Considerations for Waterborne Systems
» ?nbsp;High-Performance Carbon Black Pigment Advances Meet Emerging Needs
» ?nbsp;Industrial Rubber Carbon Black
» ?nbsp;Phhoto of Our factory
» ?nbsp;Tire Rubber Carbon Black
» ?nbsp;Technical Crafts of pigment carbon black
» ?nbsp;XIN YUAN Carbon for Plastic Products
» ?nbsp;XIN YUAN Carbon for Tires
» ?nbsp;Carbon Black in Film
» ?nbsp;Features of XINYUAN Carbon Black
» ?nbsp;Carbon Black Knowdge
» ?nbsp;Carbon Black used in Foam
» ?nbsp;Carbon Black Used in Rubber
» ?nbsp;Carbon Black C An Outlook for Opportunities
» ?nbsp;World Carbon Black Production to Exceed 12.9 Mln Tonnes
» ?nbsp;Carbon Black for Plastic Products
» ?nbsp;Carbon black globalization
» ?nbsp;China and India Taking Over Carbon Black Manufacturing
» ?nbsp;Worldwide Carbon Black Market Over 12 Million Metric Tons by 2015
» ?nbsp;What Chemicals Are Used in Newspaper Ink?
» ?nbsp;What Is Waterproof Ink?
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Company Profile

Zaozhuang Xinyuan Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd is a professional factory specializing in the production of various pigment carbon blacks


Add: Xiweizi Village, Qicun Town, Shizhong District, Zaozhuang City, 277100, Shandong Province, P.R.China

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