China carbon black industry has experienced rapid development , a substantial increase in production at the same time , in recent years, consumption has not increased significantly . Therefore, to improve the production enterprises export proportion is another important way to expand the market , the amount of carbon exported from the recent years has maintained rapid growth momentum .Carbon Black N330
  China Rubber Industry Association statistics show that its members are mainly manufacturing enterprises in 2012 the export delivery value increased by 34.58% , the export ratio ( value ) of 17.30% , compared to last year increased 3.86 percentage points ; exports grew 42.89 black % export rate ( volume ) 16.21% , compared to last year increased 3.25 percentage points. According to statistics, from 2009 to 2011 exports grew by 16.19% , 22.5% and 48.75% , but the surge in exports , the risk faced by foreign anti-dumping increases.
  According to Chinese customs statistics released in 2011, China exported a total of 487,500 tons of carbon black in 2010 to 225,000 tons , an increase of 216.67% . 2009 exports of 161,900 tons . November 2012 my aunt exports 54,000 tons of carbon black , for a total amount of $ 58,745,259 , 1- November exports of 602,000 tons .
 Chinese carbon black industry operating in overseas markets major brands black share , Lone Star Chemical , Yong Dong Chemical and so on.
In recent years, Chinese exports rose black market continues to reflect the business needs of overseas demand , market development is good. Since carbon black is not always the bulk of trade goods , mainly due to low density of its performance , pelletized products are generally only 260-400 kg / m3. Therefore , in addition to some varieties of high added value products, carbon black , carbon black for rubber in most neighboring countries to trade . Japan, India, China and some ASEAN countries are major exporters of carbon black pigment  .
Just from the export point of view, since last year, a rapid growth in exports of carbon black , and in 2012 to maintain high steady trend. However , the export price from January 2011 $ 1.16 / kg up to June 2011 $ 1.29 / kg , followed by prices quickly fell back to August 2012 only $ 1.09 / kg . Thus, the increase in exports accompanied by the growth of exports , the domestic value-added carbon black products are not significantly improved, but there was a significant decline , indicating that the domestic carbon black industry's export facing low-tech , low additive value of the status quo throat price competition in the domestic labor costs and raw material costs continue to rise the occasion , forward carbon export situation is difficult optimistic. In addition , due to the financial crisis dragged down foreign carbon black company closed individual factories . Short-term Chinese enterprises still have the advantage on the cost of raw materials , which are to promote the export volume of China's recent rapid growth .
But the concern is that black businesses must keep an eye foreign black market dynamics, enabling the anti-dumping early warning mechanism. It is reported that India was in 2008 on the Chinese anti-dumping carbon black , carbon black in 2010 and carried out a midterm review , 2011, black special protection droop . Present preliminary results of special protection very unfavorable to China , Sept. 21 , Indian Commerce and Industry announced that the will of carbon black originating in China anti- dumping review investigation of the case -week deadline extended to 29 November 2012 . Another source said , also on the European carbon black in China anti-dumping investigation .
On the import side , in 2011 imports of carbon black volume of 8.65 million tons in 2010 was 89,000 tons , down 2.80 percent . 2009 imports of 89,000 tons . November 2012 imports of 6,799.9 tons of carbon black , the total amount of $ 18,358,087 , 1- November total imports of 78,800 tons .
China imports mainly carbon black pigment carbon black varieties mainly in the domestic market high-quality carbon black pigment downstream demand has not been met in full , the market is still long-term development . Based on 2009-2012 domestic carbon black industry import statistics, Chinese imports declining carbon black , indicating that the domestic supply of related products is expected to increase future imports will become smaller and smaller .pigment carbon black

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