Objectively speaking , the extent and scope from pollution and governance difficulty speaking, black is considered a relatively " soft" factors of global warming , even carbon emitters in India accounted for only 6% of the global total . This article certainly draw attention to the dangers of carbon black pigment , however, and carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions compared to carbon black is also quite different.
  NetEase reported exploring November 17 , according to the United States , " Die Zeit " November 13 reported that you may look to the aircraft arrived in New Delhi over , but you can not see from the sky in New Delhi . One day in November , when the plane landed in the Indian capital , it is shrouded in smog pollution in the air. A group of brown oil scattering all the sunshine. When the plane , the air clear a little , but the horizon or in the back, like a big bell pollutants in New Delhi sky.
  The air is thick brown discharge to the atmosphere around this capital city of India due to carbon black . Black refers to biological waste combustion in stoves or coal burning black coal power plant after the product , but also including the driver walking in the streets of the city of vintage vehicles produced by the incomplete combustion of diesel engine exhaust . Breathe here is not a good idea. This is called " Delhi cough ," the source of infection for a reason , and now scientists are one step discovered smoke billowing air on the climate is not a good thing. Some researchers estimate that carbon contribution to climate warming over at least 18% , second only to 40% of carbon dioxide , came in second place. "Everyone thought that cutting CO2 emissions , then all the problems are solved , we can arms warehousing , horses on , however this is not so ." Scripps Institution of Oceanography climate scientist who specializes in Hyderabad carbon black Virgin Mother Raman Nathan said, " This is the place where I am most worried about ."
  Global warming caused by carbon black and carbon dioxide different ways . Enhanced greenhouse effect of carbon dioxide to attract the sun in space into the atmosphere , then the solar enclosed in the Earth's surface , it is the same verse greenhouse . Of course, there is no certain heating process , the Earth will become a dead cold place, but too much carbon dioxide to speed up the pace of warming , causing overheating planet suitable for life without living . For example , Venus atmospheric temperatures up to 400 degrees Celsius , or about 750 degrees Fahrenheit , its atmosphere contains 96% carbon dioxide. By contrast, black absorbs the sun from space , thereby directly heating the atmosphere. " Coke smoke particles a blanket , the thickness is still growing , " Raman Nathan said, " smoke absorbs sunlight , direct heating blanket ."
  Pigment Carbon black and carbon dioxide difference is that carbon dioxide can remain in the atmosphere for centuries , the first one carbon dioxide emissions from coal-fired trains are still likely to heat the air to the earth . The carbon black short duration will a lot of floating in the air a few weeks and then will fall to the ground . The key question is this: If the world can immediately reduce carbon emissions , the momentum of global warming can be curbed immediately . "Just a few weeks to a month's time , the atmosphere of pollutants will obviously be a lot less , " the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration atmospheric scientist Eric Wilcox said. In contrast , even if we can immediately reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emissions up , billions of tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere already in the next few decades will continue to warm the Earth .
  This being Asian countries for economic development has a special significance , especially in India . Various means of economic development can be seen everywhere here , including the burning of biomass waste and incomplete combustion of diesel engines. United States and other developed countries, very few biological waste combustion , diesel efficiency is also higher, cleaner emissions . Major U.S. cities crystal clear blue sky is proof. Raman Nathan pointed out that while India accounts for only less than 3% of global greenhouse gas emissions , but taking into account the various calculation error , the carbon emissions accounted for 6% of the world . India and other developing countries stated rightly affirms that the rich nations have been emitted into the atmosphere of carbon primary responsibility , so rich countries should take the lead in emission reductions. But if verified carbon black on global warming has played a considerable role, then poor countries should also join the ranks of emissions .
  Science in progress, the progress of research too rapidly, so that in the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) recently released report, the carbon black had a chance to be included in the factors that cause global warming . But the fact can not be ignored . Carbon black has affected the Himalayan mountain glaciers. When spring comes, these glaciers will melt into the snow , forming Asia's major rivers of water. It is because of global warming, these glaciers are receding , has threatened the future of water supply in the region . Raman Nathan Wilcox and Indian glaciologist Said • • Ha Sina due to Qiu Baltic are working together in order to calculate the carbon black for losses caused by melting glaciers . In addition to heating the atmosphere , carbon black also covered glacier surface , then the surface color black , thus speeding up the melting of glaciers . This is the focus of the smoke on the melting snow can make faster is the same reason . " Black snow down to the color deepens, " Raman Nathan said, " pure snow can reflect 80 percent of the sun , and covered with snow instead of carbon black absorbs sunlight ."
  The good news is that , despite the exclusion of carbon dioxide into the energy cycle outside no easy task, especially in developing countries , but the carbon management easier. As long as the line does not destroy the forest , burning rainforest is the main way to increase carbon emissions . In addition , the upgrade motor vehicle diesel filter is easy, biological waste burning stoves can be transformed into a solar power or natural gas as fuel . Upgrading needs funds , but lower than the cost of decarbonization . Reduce carbon emissions will also bring additional health benefits because less air pollution, deaths from respiratory diseases is also less .

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