carbon black pigment (Colour Index International, PBL-7) Is The Name Of A Common Black Pigment, Traditionally Produced From Charring Organic Materials Such As Wood Or Bone.
It Appears Black Because It Reflects Almost No[Specify] Light In The Visible Part Of The Spectrum. It Is Known By A Variety Of Names, Each Of Which Reflects A Traditional Method For Producing Carbon Black:
  Ivory Black Was Traditionally Produced By Charring Ivory Or Bones (See Bone Char).
Vine Black Was Traditionally Produced By Charring Desiccated Grape Vines And Stems.
Lamp Black Was Traditionally Produced By Collecting Soot, Also Known As Lampblack, From Oil Lamps.
  Newer Methods Of Producing Pigment Carbon Black Have Superseded These Traditional Sources, Although Some Materials Are Still Produced Using Traditional Methods. For Artisanal Purposes, It Is Very Useful.

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