Analysts indicate that domestic coal tar method carbon black occupies a clear edge and huge exporting potential in terms of cost. The history shows that high oil price can push up the exports and export prices of carbon black. Iran issue is of great possibility to lead high international oil price in a short time, which will cause the loss of the cost advantage of ethylene bottom oil carbon black and be likely to raise the price of carbon black on the international market. However, the coal tar is still weak in the first half year and domestic competitive carbon black enterprises are in a raising trend, so domestic carbon black may increase both the output volume and price.Pigment Carbon Black
  Structural excess and structural shortage exist in domestic carbon black at present. The domestic carbon black enterprises operating rate will be promoted steadily in the next two years due to carbon black’s huge growth in exports. The competitive enterprises may enhance quality and reduce cost by research and development, improve the competitiveness and profitability of products, and increase both output and price. The reasons are as follows:
1) Iran situation is unstable and international oil price remains high. The statistics show that domestic carbon black price is influenced by international oil price and lower than it, the average overseas price of domestic carbon black is interrelated with the international crude oil price, and the output volume of carbon black in China is highly correlated with international oil price and keeps increasing with the raise of oil price.
2) Coal tar method carbon black has great advantage in terms of cost. It is calculated that the cost of ethylene bottom oil carbon black is 1,600 yuan/ton higher that of coal tar method (the minimum 854 yuan/ton). Domestic carbon black production gives priority to coal tar method, while foreign carbon black production focuses on ethylene bottom oil method.Carbon black pigment
3) The cost of carbon black production in foreign enterprises rises significantly due to the high oil price, which increases the possibility to raise carbon black price. Columbian Chemical Corporation announced that the price of carbon black products would rise from April 1, with the maximum increase of 14%, which will bring up the price of domestic carbon black and provide huge development space for domestic leading enterprises.
4) Carbon black is in great need. In 2012, the world carbon black demand is 11,000,000 tons, and the carbon black demand in China is 3,850,000 tons, increasing 21% and 680,000 tons than that of 2011. It is estimated that domestic carbon black output will increase 11% in 2011 to 2015, reaching up to 5,400,000 tons.Carbon Black N330
5) The analysis of supply and demand situation is that global carbon black is monopolized by a small number of enterprises, and the capacity is gradually transferred to China; domestic industry concentration has the potential to increase; the growth rate of the apparent consumption of domestic carbon black in the past ten years is equal to the growth rate of GDP.

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